Past Projects

Open Space and Recreation Inventory
In 2008, community members were surveyed on their open space and recreation preferences and the current open space and recreation resources within the Region were inventoried and mapped to help promote the recreational and natural amenities available within the Valley.

Riparian Buffer Analysis Update 2012
The Montgomery County Planning Commission, through a partnership with the Heritage Conservancy, recently completed a re-assessment of six watersheds (including the Perkiomen watershed) in terms of the riparian buffer. The riparian buffer is the vegetated area along streams and creeks that provide many benefits including filtering polluted runoff and increasing important wildlife habitat. The recent update includes an analysis comparing the status of the riparian buffer and the surrounding land uses.

Traffic Impact Study
The “Upper Perkiomen Valley Regional Transportation Study Area Roadway Sufficiency Analysis and Capital Improvement Program” was completed by Pennoni in 2007. The study included project descriptions and cost estimates for twelve key intersections in the Region and addressed intersection deficiencies that should be addressed to accommodate future travel demand.


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