Comprehensive Plans

2011 Comp Plan Cover2011 Comprehensive Plan Update

The Upper Perkiomen Valley Regional Planning Commission started the process of updating their regional comprehensive plan in 2009 and completed a full draft in September of 2011. While the update does not fundamentally change any of the policies for managing growth and development, it does reflect the 2010 census data, the county’s most recent natural areas inventory and the region’s traffic impact study, completed in 2007. The plan also offers more land use flexibility for the Region’s boroughs to reflect the mixed-use nature of these small towns.

2011 Comprehensive Plan Update (PDF)




UPV RPC Comp Plan 20012001 Comprehensive Plan

The Upper Perkiomen Valley Region adopted the first regional comprehensive plan in Montgomery County, and one of the first in Pennsylvania. It is the intent of this plan to ensure smarter growth in the Region and better management of future development while retaining the unique historical, cultural, and natural amenities of the Valley.

2001 Comprehensive Plan (PDF)


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