Mission Statement

In order to maintain and improve the quality of life for all residents within the Upper Perkiomen Valley, the municipalities of East Greenville Borough, Green Lane Borough, Marlborough Township, Pennsburg Borough, Red Hill Borough, and Upper Hanover Township seek to manage growth for the purpose of fostering economic development and the creation of high quality jobs, providing for a wide-variety of housing options, and preserving the unique natural amenities and rural qualities of the valley.

More specifically it is the intent of the region to:

  • Manage growth by providing adequate infrastructure (including transportation, public water, and public sewers), including the logical extension of public facilities, in order to expand employment opportunities and provide for the region’s fair share of residential development.
  • Preserve the region’s natural amenities, including its woodlands, farmland, water resources, and over all scenic qualities, in order to protect local water supplies, the agricultural economy, regional recreation resources and significant natural habitats.

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